Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finished "COSMOTRON" from across the pond!

WOW! inside of a year's time Paul and Kristy Bacon's Rad BMW custom Bubble top is finished! You can look back in my older blog posts (April 11 2012) and see how this crazy Beamer started out. This is what I'm talking about gang "Get out in the garage and build something" ANYTHING! Stop sitting in front of the TV, its all the same crap . . . Internet message boards . . . CRAP! This is what its all about! Crazy rolling art man! Paul gets himself a FREE Spritz By Fritz T-Shirt for his efforts. I know Its not much, but all you guys out there can e-mail yer stuff and we'll see what happens! I'm gonna enclose Paul's e-mail with his words. I wanna hear from all you crazy cats and see what's going on in yer garage. FRITZ "Yo Fritz, I Finished it! yeah lots of sanding, yeah lots of time, yeah lots of itching, but most of all good times! I think I gave all the tech info with the build up pics but just to add to that the paint is flake (can't be seen in pics) and was applied by my friend Melv in my home workshop. The interior was stitched by my wife Kirsty on our kitchen table, and my friend Lee did the wiring, and I made everything else and now I wanna do another but this time I'm gonna go wild. Building this kinda stuff is great, making a real one off with no restrictions other than your imagination and then freaking the squares out on the road. Thanks for your blog entry's and DVD's its great to know someone else is working hard on great stuff, its a real inspiration. Thanks, Paul Bacon"