Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some good news, some bad

Well I guess the good news is we have made some great progress on the "Baja Bandeetoo." The body is in fiberglass, off it plaster buck and ready for some serious work.

We had Tom Strongman from the "Kansas City Star" Newspaper stop by to interview me and check out my latest project & the "Roswell Rod" We ploped the body back on her frame for a photo Op and I figured I would share these spy pics with everyone!

My Panhead Chopper is in the latest Issue of Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine! be sure to stop at the news stand and pic up a copy and check it out!

Also in magazine news (we don't have a copy yet) but we hear that Cody Wents (thats Daryl Starbirds grandson) custom pick up truck is in the new issue of classic trucks magazine! I had gone to Daryl Starbirds place to Help Cody lay out the graphic art work on his way cool little chevy pick up So from he tells us Him and I are in the pages!

Now the bad news is On June 23rd we found out that My Wife Carrol has breast Cancer. She is still going through some tests and such but it will be a few miles of bad dirt road we have to travel together the next few months. Keep your fingers crossed and keep a welding torch lit for us. lets hope They get this on the first shot! So far they think they can go after one lump then some radiation and be done with it. She wants me to keep building in the garage during all this, Thats why she's the best!

I've been keeping my hands busy keeps my mind from thinking bad things. are some pics to enjoy, I hope everyone is building something fun!