Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lester's Candy painted goodness from Norway!

I've been on T.V. shows, pod casts, radio spots, newspaper articles, morning news shows, magazine features, gotten big trophies, been the feature car at car shows, befriended movie actors and musicians, but like Jack Kerouac says "Fame is like old newspapers blowing down Bleeker Street" its all well and good but nothing makes me prouder of what I do and who I am then when I get an e-mail from someone that bought one of my DVD's and sends me pics of their project. I always try and post these folks projects here on my blog to share with you as they did with me, the e-mails are usually like "I never did anything like this before and your DVD gave me the confidence to give it a go" or "I have painted things in the past usually just one color, but never a crazy paint job, you took the fear out of it for me" and "your Fiberglass DVD was easy to understand like we were two guys B.S'ing in the garage together, I'm now building a body for my sons go kart" I know it must sound like an infomercial but these how to DVDs are the best thing I ever did and it gets guys "Out in the Garage" - - - - - Here are some pics from Lester In Norway, he gave a go at doing a custom paint job on his chopper, he got my "how to paint a motorcycle" & "paint tips and tricks" DVD's then laid out a nice candy panel paint job with fish scales, lace panels etc. just look at the pics!!!! Lester's custom paint job looks awesome!!! I'm proud of You Lester, Great Job Mate!!! so what are you guys waiting for? "Get out in the Garage and build something" FRITZ