Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Detroit Autorama 60 Years And Counting!

To me Detroit is the show to do, the place to be, the big top! And like a dumb ass I didn't take any pics. I wandered around with my coke and salted pretzel looking at all the great stuff, saying hello to guys and shops i only get to see at shows and just got so caught up in chatting & looking that I plumb forgot to snap off some pics. once the show got going, and it was PACKED folks! I was busy at my booth with the "Roswell Rod" and that was that. I am sure that every car web site has a ton of pics for ya to scroll through anyway. and I promise to be on my toes for the next few shows that the Roswell is a feature at. My Wife Carrol did have it in her mind to be smart enough to get some pics of the art work & stripping i do in the both before people bought it and I never saw it again so at least I can share those pics. a few pieces did get paid for and left before we got pics but we did get some shots of the 5 gallon gas can with "drink refreshing BURP cola" painted on t and a Mountain dew can with a rat fink. I ran out of stuff to paint on so I was digging in the trash cans pulling out empty soda cans and painting little monsters on them for 5 bucks a piece. we sold everyone of 'em!

Get out in the garage and build something.
what have you guys been up to?

Kansas City World of Wheels

It's not often I get to do the ISCA world of wheels show in my own back yard, I am usually off at a differant show in another state, but this year The "Roswell Rod" was a feature car at the Kansas City show. My wife Carrol & I set up with the Roswell and my panhead the "Margarita Chiquita" to vend our DVD's and other trinkets. K.C. is a real car town! The midwest has it going on for customs & hot rods, more than SOCAL, one of the big reasons I moved out this way from NYC.
I snapped a few pics of stuff that I liked, and figured I'd post them for you guys to see also.

I have a soft spot for 28-29 Ford pick ups, even though there isn't a bunch of room in them, they just catch my interest.

I always stop off at the bike section, I usually see a bunch of stupid looking Evo's, but a few bikes stood out.
The green swing arm Harley caught my eye cause it sports a vintage "Crazy Frank" rear fender.
The black & white Pan, well, thats something I'd ride to work everyday
The '42 Knuckle is a real deal barn find from the area, I dont know about you, but every time I get to go inside a barn I find bird shit and empty beer cans!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fiberglass Tools & Mr. Sparkle

I have been getting a bunch of e-mails from you guys asking where you can get a "fiberglass roller" like I use in my "how to build a fiberglass body at home" DVD. Well to make it easy on everyone, I found a supplier and will have the fiberglass rollers and resin brushes for sale in my web site store!
So in the next week or so check out the store for details!

I mentioned in my last blog entry about Johnny Sparkle coming out to Kansas City to get his model T sedan, well I found the photo I took of Mr Sparkle standing next to his now freshly painted blue Hot Rod and figured I'd post it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back From New Orleans

The New Orleans world of wheels show was a blast. Lots of good people and great cars. One thing I did while I was there is something I usually don't do, go out into the show and stripe cars. I met a couple of great guys that just couldn't get enough of my work, I painted a set of gear shift knobs and sold a monster on a bowling pin to Joe Credibi, and I did a Rat Fink on his buddy's son's Chevy truck. Johnny Sparkle came to Kansas City and picked up his model T sedan that I painted freeing up my garage. I have been cleaning and putting stuff away but need to get a paint job done for my dad's FXLR Harley, then I plan on bringing the Baja Bandeeto back in, and making some headway on the new show rod.