Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dad's Soft tail update

Some updates on Dad's bike, If anyone remembers a purple soft tail I built in the late 80's that was in Iron Horse Magazine called "skirt Chaser" I am doing the same rear fender treatment on Dad's bike. I drilled the factory frame strut castings open to 1/2 inch and then machined 1/2 inch round stock and threaded it to 5/16X18 I.D. bolted the rear fender struts to the bike and welded the threaded slugs right to the struts, this way you have hidden hardware. I shortened the struts up about 2 inches and did the same trick in the back only using a chunk of 11/16 O.D. round stock I had in the scrap bucket. we are using a FXR rear fender that isn't wide enough for the soft tail struts so I cut it length wise and will widen it with a strip of sheet steel after both sides are sand blasted and bolted up to the rear fender struts. I am undecided on a 1955 - 72 tail light or a later one. -FRITZ- get out in the garage and build something!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

2016 TEXAS THAW !!!!!!!

Hey Gang! I'll be at the 2016 "Texas Thaw" in the swap meet area! sorry not bringing a show car but will have all my spritz by fritz Merch & DVD's come visit me the first weekend of March! FRITZ--------------

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Fire Sale!!!!!!!!

FEBRUARY FIRE SALE!!!!!!!! So its as cold as a squirrels nuts outside and yer not ridding that chopper, how about gettin' a nice flame job while yer bike sits and waits for warmer weather! I'll do yer gas tank with a wicked cool Traditional yellow & orange Flame job on black "with" pinstripes in your choice of color for $600 bucks plus the ride, thats body work and everything (so long as yer tank isn't a complete bag of rocks) you make sure the inside is clean and doesn't leak. I'm only gonna take in a few jobs SO DONT BE A SLACKER! - e-mail at (((ok to clear things up a bit thats $600 for a tank, like a sporty tank, honda nighthawk tank, a set of fat bobs aka split tanks should be double but i'll work with ya $850 for a set of fatties))) if you want fenders and stuff done also e-mail me and we'll figure something out get your ass in gear 'cause I am booking up FAST!!!!!!!! ------FRITZ------