Sunday, November 25, 2012

Look ma, no hands!

I keep telling you guys to send me pics of your projects. I truly mean that. I wanna see what ya have going on, and I know the other few thousand people that read my Blog would love to see also! With that said, I think I will start a new program here at "Spritz By Fritz". If I use your e-mail and pics on my blog I'm gonna send you a FREE T-SHIRT! You got that right, I know a shirt aint much but, when was the last time you got somethin' fer nothin' for doing something ya love! The First T-Shirt recipient is Chris Valentine. He bought my "How to Paint Your Motorcycle at Home" DVD and has never done any painting before. That didn't stop him from ripping into his childhood trail bike and giving it a fresh look, so his kIds could look all pimpin' rolling around the yard! Here is the e-mail that Chris sent to me. I gotta say, I am glad that I can help you guys get dirty and have a bit of fun in the garage. Any one can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. Get out to the Garage and build something! FRITZ_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________"Hi Fritz, how are you? I recently bought your " How to paint a motorcycle at home" DVD and after I'd sent you a few e-mails with some questions which what would have looked a little ridiculous to you, you answered them in great detail, so thank you... I can honestly say I had never in my entire life attempted spraying anything, nor has anyone I know so I was relying entirely on your e-mailed advise and of course your DVD. So after dealing and beating my nervousness my first little project got underway and has now been completed & finished. I can say with great delight & amazement considering it was my first time spraying that it has come up amazingly thanks to you :) It was only a small little project and you'll probably laugh when you look at the pictures because its a 1969 Honda Z50a minitrail bike. It was a small little bike Id had since I was a youngster ( it's been in the family for 30. Years ) and just wanted to give it a fresh new look for my children to enjoy for many more years to come.. Again I just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you couldn't have done it with out you :) I've attached a few photos of the bike from before it was sprayed through different stages of spraying & of course the final product... I look forward to you seeing them and you giving some feedback on what you think. Thanks Fritz"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pushing The Old Sanding Block Around!

Every night after work I come home, have a little snack, then head out into the garage and do a little mud work. I work at sanding and shaping an area on the Bandeeto's body, then mud it all up for the next nights work. I've been bouncing back and forth between two areas as you can see. A little progress is better then nothing. I have the frame back from the sandblaster, and I'll be painting that at work so I can keep moving on the body work. This weekend I'll be picking up my stuff from the chrome shop, so as soon as the frame is painted I can start to build the rolling chassie. I am also waiting on UPS to deliver a big 'ol box of white monkey fur, Its cool stuff! You guys been out in the shop building something rad? Let's see it then! Get out in the garage and build something Fritz