Monday, April 8, 2013

Gold & Lace

So this is what I have been doing at the day job, all the art work on this 1954 Ford wagon. Fogged panels with a lace job, variegated gold leaf lettering, lots of lines etc. Ya just have to see it in person to really dig it! I filmed the entire process for a "Paint tips & tricks" DVD. I have been wondering what you guys would like, a 2 DVD set that covers a few different paint ideas and tricks or a single DVD that cover one technique at a time. Like one DVD would be just "lace painting" or a 2 DVD set would be "lace, flames, freak dots, and fish scales". I'd like to hear from you guys and know what ya think! On other news the "Bandeeto" chassis is a roller and in storage while I wait for my shipment to arrive from House of Kolor. They are again the official sponsor of my show rods. They stood tall for the "Roswell Rod" and wanted to be a part of the "Baja Bandeeto" project. Plus it is all I ever use for all my kustom paint work. I love the stuff! just gotta get my name on the side of the cans like they used to do! Get out in the garage and build something!