Sunday, January 24, 2016

finishing up my Knuckle frame

Well I got the new Neck machined for my knuckle frame. I cut the old forging off and placed my neck in the jig and set it all at 30 deg's then I went and cut off the whole shebang, just in front of the seat post and above the side car forgings, I made more tube slugs, cut the back bone and tacked it in place, got the down tubes cut and tacked in place, etc etc, theres gonna be a lot of the same kinda posts from me as I have an Indian frame to do after this and I'm doing a unit Triumph after that so lots of tube slugs, fitting and tack welding in place, etc. the new Hobart TIG welder is amazing, "How did i live with out it" I even tried it on a patch panel on Bills Pontiac and it was "awesome" Well I got all the knuckle tubes welded in place and I even went through the effort of boxing the neck and to add factory looking gussets so that when its all molded in it will have that "vintage molded look" like it did in the 70's a little something else I did was to machine a couple pieces of scrap tubing and make a set of side car loops! why the hell not, it will give the frame a bit more of a "less butchered look" this is what I have been up to, How about you, my old neighborhood in NY and most of the east coast got hit with a nasty snow storm this weekend so you guys should just make a pot of coffee and high tail it into the garage and build some cool shit 'cause yer asses won't be going anyplace for a while! get out in that garage and build something!- - - - - - - - -- Fritz...................

Monday, January 11, 2016

San Antonio Texas World of Wheels & Auto-Rama

OK so its official I will be in San Antonio Texas with the "Baja Bandeeto" March 18-19-20th at the world of wheels & Autorama show! I'll have "Spritz by Fritz" Merch and had painted / pinstriped junk with monsters on it and all that crazy stuff, So stop on by, say "Hello" and check out all the groovy cars & bikes!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dad's Soft Tail Chopper Project....

The 'Ol Man is cranking right along on this little project, lets face it, soft tail parts are around cheap, no one really wants them, Dad has stock piled a bunch of stuff and now is the time to burn it all up, its coming down the the little things now that the engine, trans etc is all bolted into the rolling frame, Not to shabby for junk, Huh! just goes to show that if you really want to you can and will! My Dad is 77, whats yer excuse? Get out in the garage and build something - Fritz