Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Big Easy . . . Who Dat?

This blog post will have more to do with the "Church of Rusted Souls" than anything else, and the 'ol Reverend Fritzie is gonna lay it down the way I see things in Life. You're gonna Die . . . from the day you are born you start to die. I don't mean to set a black morbid cloud over your head, just the opposite. Do you really need a doctor in a white lab coat to tell you that you only have so much time left on this here earth? If you found out you only had a year or two left, would you start making that bucket list? Why wait? You should do it ASAP!!!!!!!!! Cram as much shit in as you can, and die with yer boots on! Too many of my friends have died to early of cancer, bike wrecks, drug OD's, etc. I'm 49 now, and for the longest time I always wanted to see the French Quarter in New Orleans, ever since I went to Disney world and rode "Pirates of the Caribbean" as a kid. Two years ago, I did the ISCA car show here, it was good, but I had to work the show and only had one day to myself to walk around and see the sights. This year my wife and I came back. Just to walk around, look at art, listen to jazz, and drink Hurricanes. Besides this being a cool "Pirate" town, with loads of great history, one of my favorite things is all the wrought iron metal work and iron casting that abound the city. Like NYC it has many cultural charms, in food and tradition, but I love the metal work. I took a bunch of pics for you to look over in hope that you can get out of the garage and get inspired to build something! Sell off that vintage intake manifold collection that will probably never get used. Do you really need to impress people with that stuff? Are they worth all that money you invested? Its just stuff, you can get more. After you croke, your 'ol lady will sell it all off, and probably use the cash to go to New Orleans like you always promised. Why not just do it. I needed a little break, and look forward to getting back to the garage and color sanding on the "Baja Bandeeto." Just do it you deserve it! P.S. you can like me on facebook at

Monday, September 2, 2013

Laboring on Labor Day

It's been a long time coming, "PAINT". I started the "Baja Bandeeto" a long time ago and have now just gotten the first passes of color on this weekend. When I started the project, I was all rocket fuel and crank, 'cause I wanted to make my "How to build a Fiberglass Body at Home" DVD that a lot of you guys have bought,(thank you). A few of you have been toiling away elbow deep in plaster and digging it as much as I do. There was some down time, as some of you know, when I sliced my left arm to the bone, and did a lot of damage. That put me out of work for 6 months. After that, there were months of catch up work, and staying on top of other things. See this stuff just doesn't happen over night for me either. We all struggle to "get that project done", ya just have to stay with it, look at it like a bunch of smaller projects, and not one gigantic overwhelming project. You will get there. This splash of gold paint is the light at the end of my tunnel. The last chapter of the "Bandeeto" book. I based the car out in white, then put some silver and white pearl into an inter coat clear, and shot the cove panels. After that was set up and dry, I masked off the coves, and sprayed solar gold base down on everything else. Then I did two passes of clear with silver, bright gold, and dark gold mini flake, and also red and gold dust pearl. And then, two coats of straight clear. Now I will let it sit and cure for a while, for a few days or a week. After that I'll start wet sanding again, so I can do some crazy art work, and maybe some lace! You'll see. I have been posting some "as we go along" pics on my face book page, you should check it out on face book. Til' next time gang. Get out in the garage and build something. Fritz