Sunday, October 16, 2016

pics from"Iron Invasion" 2016

The Iron Invasion was a good time, Met a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time. it is defiantly a hard core show "rain or shine" and it did "drizzle" a bit this year but it didn't stop anyone from having a good time, that pretty much describes the show right there "rain or shine - always a good time"

Friday, September 16, 2016


I will be at the "Iron Invasion" car show in woodstock IL. October 1st with all my Spritz by Fritz Merch and the "Baja Bandeeto" I have never been to this show but I like what I hear about it, IT might be 70 degrees, it might sprinkle a bit and when you wake up it might be snowing, who cares its all good and for a great cause "helping Hana's Hart"!!!!! I love a surprise anyway, stop on by and have a good time, I know I will and if you don't show up you better be "In the garage building something" -----FRITZ

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New DVD on the way, "Small fiberglass mold making"

I've been working on this old "Arlen Ness" digger rear fender for a Harley 4 speed swing arm frame. I borrowed a real deal one from my friend "Knucklehead AL" so I could make a fiberglass mold off it and be able to make a few for myself. it is the last chapter in the new DVD i have been filming "How to make small fiberglass molds and parts at home" its been a lot more time consuming then i thought it would be and I am trying to get it done without freaking out over little issues. what are you guys building? Get out in the garage and build something! ____FRITZ

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Grease-A-Rama 2016

Thats right all you weirdo's & Bubble top fans, I'll be at GreaseArama in Kansas City this weekend with the "Baja Bandeeto" stop by and check out the car, the official Spritz by Fritz Merch, and I'll even have my paint box to paint some slobbering monsters ----FRITZ----

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

mental health time away

I aint easy being me, or green from what I hear on the street. sesame street that is, I had surgery for of all things a herniated belly button, post op this required me to not lift anything of 20 pounds or more, so I was pretty much dead in the water with nothing to do but paint slobbering monsters and such while the "real work" pilled up. so I had to be out of the shop some how for six weeks, My big brutha from another mother Poncho Bill (Im working on his 1957 Pontiac) bought my wife and I a cruise ship ride to Bermuda. so Bill & his lady friend my wife and I sipped boat drinks and ate at the late night Buffett for a week, I had 2 weeks of slobbering monster painting right out of surgery then we drove to NYC and left for the week to Bermuda then once back a week of visiting friends and remembering why we left Long Island (its a shit hole i don't care what you say) then the drive back, I am overwhelmed and swamped with things that need to get done so it will be a while till i get my ass back in gear, a Big Thanks to brutha Bill, I really needed to be "un plugged' from the world for a while, sometimes you don't know how much you need it until you do it. time to get back in the garage and build something ----FRITZ

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dad's Soft tail chopper shotgun pipes!

I got stymied on Bill's Pontiac, I had to order a set of rear Body mount bushings so I started making a set of shotGun Pipes for Dads chopped soft tail project. I had a purple softy I built in the early 90's (see iron horse magazine) with a set of pipes like this and Pop & I liked 'em so here I am doing the same thing again. Just like back in the day I got my pipe bends from the stock exhaust systems that guys take off and trash for straight pipes. Those and a 7 foot length of 1 3/4 exhaust tubing from the auto store and I am on my way! I got Bill's Bushings this saturday so I'd like to button up the exhaust system so I can put the bike on the side and get back on the Pontiac, "Get out in the Garage and build something" ---FRITZ-------------------------------

Friday, July 1, 2016

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's "MYSTERION" clone.

So I am friends with the nice fellow on Facebook, Mr Jeffery Jones, he's from California and has almost the same fascination with crazy Ed Roth show rods as I do and Im guessing a lot of you out there, there is one special car he thinks is the Rat Finks knees and thats the twin engine show rod sensation "Mysterion" some of you know and some of you may not know that I painted and pinstriped the clone that Dave Shuten built in the early 2000's that now sits in the Galpin Ford show room. Its a great Car but Jeffery's "Mysterion" is better, way Better! how so you may ask, It took him a long, long time to build this car. I remember it from at least 10 plus years ago, seeing pics on the internet and such, His "Mysterion" is more "SPOT ON" then the Galpin car. its in the details, the subtle little thing that unless you are really, really, really into this stuff probably wouldn't notice, if I had to pick one to be the best representation of true to Ed Roth's original car I would have to go with Jeff's "Mysterion" he has written a book about his car building adventure that you can buy offline called "Ed Roth's Mysterion" search for it on Amazon, it sells for $35.00 bucks, I need to get a copy myself. one thing Id like to point out is that It took Jeff sometime from start to finish to get this Fantastic Show Rod done! don't give up on your project! get off the couch and turn off the TV, Gilligan never gets off the Island gang! Get out in the garage and build something BUILD!!!!!!!!! -- FRITZ