Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Syracuse Nationals 2017

Got the call today that My "Bala Bandeeto" is one of Gene Winfields pics (thanks buddy) for the "Select Six" at the Syracuse Nationals in NY July 14-15-16 / 2017 see it indoors with the other contenders for the Winfield award. to be honest Im just Happy I'll get to hang with all my east coast crew! now get out in the garage and build something -FRITZ

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Beatnik Bandit clone project

sometimes I just cant get into it and then again I build up some steam and get going on it, I did a lot of work that just wasn't "Blog" worthy but the headlights are something i have been avoiding doing, its a very intricate area on the Beatnik Bandit, I made a stencil or guide out if some old plywood and traced it out onto the plaster, had to do some shaving and got things in about the right area, then I made guide lines and used a sheet rock saw to cut the headlight holes in the plaster, a set of four old plastic Folgers coffee cans were cut down and stuck in the holes so i would have a circle lip to guide the plaster so i can get the body line just so, it looks kind of like a 1960 buick la saber headlight bezel on the real car. its gonna be a lot of work but thats how it goes when you take on a project like this, Get Out In The Garage And Build Something! -FRITZ-

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Slot Mods (online) Magazine

Slot Mods is an online magazine for slot car racing guys, you remember the 60's & 70's racing those 1/25th scale hot rods on those big ass race tracks! I do! I did an interview with them and here is the link for those that might be interested. Get out in the garage and build something, Yes even slot cars!!!!!! -FRITZ http://slotcarmods.com/spring2017.html

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Remembering "Ed Big Daddy" Roth 1932-2001

On this Day the back yard builder and do it yourself engineer lost their greatest influence. Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. "Once a Fink always a Fink" today of all days is the best day to get out in the garage and build something, Make the Old Rat Proud!!! -FRITZ

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Detroit Autorama 2017

Been on the road for two weeks straight, First we did the Kansas City world of wheels show, but thats right in my back yard so i don't count it as an "away trip" but the following week was the Darryl Starbird show in Tulsa Oaklahoma then home for a few hours to do laundry and go on to the Detroit Autorama. I haven't been to Detroit for about 5 years, not since my friend JR passed away , he use to own the show and i must say that the new people are not car people and just care about the buck, its sad. I won't go into the behind the scenes BS and politics cause in the long run what does it really matter. I had the Baja Bndeeto & my panhead chopper in the show and they both won first place trophies in their class. trophies are nice but they don't pay the bills, Im not really and external validation guy. i was happier that everyone was digging the fake cactus I made for my display! the real purpose of the Detroit Autoramam trip was so I could visit with friends and paint slobbering monsters with friends in the artist ally in the basement, thats where the action is gang. now i have two weeks to get some work done and then its back on the road for that last show of the winter season for me. enjoy the pics then get out in the garage and build something -FRITZ

Saturday, February 4, 2017

1926-1927 Ford Model T Coupe Body

Back In the late 80's and early 90"s I had a bunch of old cars, My Fav's were a 1932 Chevy woody wagon with IFS and a small block chevy v-8 and a chopped & Channeled 1930 Ford coupe with a flathead ford, this is way before the internet and the HAMB. Yah I was so cool i was frozen! well this little 27 Ford T coupe body just kinda fell in my lap. Long story short I traded a 1970's Harley motorcycle 4 speed transmission for it. one of the many reasons i love living in the mid west, all this neat stuff is just laying around!!!! I have no idea when I'll get to it, but its in the stable of dreams for now, Get Out In The Garage and Build Something!!!!!! FRITZ