Monday, December 19, 2011

The Poo Heap & 303 Special

So I was at another junk yard over the weekend with my boss/friend Jason Rock to pick up a donor car for a big project we are doing for our friend Greaser Mike. We needed so many parts to save his 51' Chevy hard top from falling apart, we decided to get a good solid donor body to start with, and seeing as how it just happened to be sitting on top of a 51' Chevy convertible frame with an extra heavy "X" member in it, we took that also. We'll set up the frame with a small block V-8 with an automatic trans, and mustang 2 front suspension etc. etc. you know the drill, all modern but looking like it could have been a factory build. I'll keep you guy's updated as things get along.

Something I spied stuck in the trees a few months earlier, in the same junk yard, that I thought was cool, was the old "303 Special" a Stude stock car! Who knows when it was on the track last! I get off on finds like this, and wish I could take them all home and make yard art or a garage guys garden around them. I love the old hand painted lettering and numbers, the plumbing pipe push bars, all reminiscent of a time in America when tracks were still around and the average guy could bang out a car to have fun on the summer weekends.

So what have you guy's been up to?
Get back out in the garage and build something!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New DVD! Chop a Model "A" Top at Home.

It's here! The third in the series now. After cutting my arm I am back in the garage with my camera, sharing tips and tricks so all of you can do this crazy stuff at home too. The most popular custom trick of all time has to be the "Top Chop" And the most popular car to Chop has to be the Model "A" Ford. Work alongside me in my garage as I Chop a 1930 Ford coupe 2 1/4 inches, fill the roof opening with an old Chevy station wagon donor panel, and show you every step of the way how I did it, all at home, with basic tools. Window garnish moldings, the windshield frame, nothing is left out, every step is covered in this 2 DVD set! Over 4 hours long it is $25.

Get your copy here

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Climbing Out of the Rabbit Hole

OK Gang this is our last installment of Alex in Wonderland. I like unusual art in unusual places, cool stuff with cool stuff painted on it. The big stuff Alex has in his back yard and outside on the walls of his garage is just that. His car is an art project in itself a 1967 Chevy station wagon painted in flying tiger colors with a P-51 Mustang on the roof, and yes, he really does drive it around, knowing full well that he is being gawked at, and that the prop is spinning at max RPM on the mustang. His tool shed is also packed to the rafters with things that fly, yup, that also includes a life size superman figure. The actual aircraft along the fence is a Republic Vietnam era shooting star, or falling star, I don't remember. The yellow wing hanging off the garage wall is hand painted with the airplane that the wing is actually from. Driving by on the street you'd never know that this wonderland of aviation history and counter culture gasoline burners was even there! Remember, this all didn't just happen over night, this is a lifetime of appreciation for a time when America wasn't all PC and made in China.
Like I always say, "You cant buy cool, You earn it!"
Now, get out in the garage and build something.