Monday, December 19, 2011

The Poo Heap & 303 Special

So I was at another junk yard over the weekend with my boss/friend Jason Rock to pick up a donor car for a big project we are doing for our friend Greaser Mike. We needed so many parts to save his 51' Chevy hard top from falling apart, we decided to get a good solid donor body to start with, and seeing as how it just happened to be sitting on top of a 51' Chevy convertible frame with an extra heavy "X" member in it, we took that also. We'll set up the frame with a small block V-8 with an automatic trans, and mustang 2 front suspension etc. etc. you know the drill, all modern but looking like it could have been a factory build. I'll keep you guy's updated as things get along.

Something I spied stuck in the trees a few months earlier, in the same junk yard, that I thought was cool, was the old "303 Special" a Stude stock car! Who knows when it was on the track last! I get off on finds like this, and wish I could take them all home and make yard art or a garage guys garden around them. I love the old hand painted lettering and numbers, the plumbing pipe push bars, all reminiscent of a time in America when tracks were still around and the average guy could bang out a car to have fun on the summer weekends.

So what have you guy's been up to?
Get back out in the garage and build something!