Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year!

I'm glad that's all over, December is a full month for me with 3 birthdays, Christmas, and New Years. Here we are in 2012 so let's see what kind of trouble we can get into this year, shall we? I am in the last stretch of the paint work on Johnny Sparkle's Model T Ford. I painted the small pieces and the doors off the car, and now I just have to give the body a wet sand, paint, and clear. In the next two weeks I have to detail my Panhead Chopper and the Roswell Rod, and fix all the lights on my trailer, so I can go out on the road to do the winter show car circuit! You can check my website for dates but off the top of my head I'll see you in New Orleans, Kansas City, Detroit and San Antonio. There are a few other shows that are not in contract yet so we will see what the future holds there.

I don't remember if I ever posted a pic of it or not but, a while back I picked up a 1977 Super Glide basket case out of a junk yard here in Missouri. I have been messing with it a little here and there. I hit the summer swap meets looking for pieces that are missing, and in between projects I have gotten into it a bit. I welded in a lower fat bob gas tank mount, and test fit a set of 3 gallon tanks on the frame.

When I am in different cities for car shows I hit the museums and used book stores, or in between paint coats at home, I look around on Amazon for used books and out of print cool stuff. Off my book shelf is a good read for the all out gear head road tripper "Cannonball!" by Brock Yates. Yes, I know you all have seen the movie but the inside scoop, and behind the scenes craziness that made that movie great is all in the pages of this book. There were points where I just could not put it down! Back in the 70's Brock worked in NYC at I believe "Car & Driver" magazine. To make a statement against the then new 55 mile an hour speed limit that was country wide, this cross country race was born. Get from New York to Los Angeles as fast as you can! Yes, a couple of guys really did dress up like priest's! And yes, there really was an ambulance called Trans - Con! In today's day and age, it wouldn't be hard to maintain a speed of 80 MPH plus in most midwest states to make a good time, but back then it would have been instant jail time. There are a few of us that get together with our vintage cars and do the cross country trek just for shits & giggles. It is a good time I must admit.

Get out in the garage and build something!
(unless your reading while paint cures or something)