Monday, April 25, 2011


Another report from the day job, gang!

While I wait for parts and other things for the '63 Chevy station wagon, I started rebuilding the rear end of this '69 Chevelle drop top. You can see in the pics that its getting a new trunk floor, inner & outer wheel tubs, and quarter panel skins. I had to splice the wheel tubs together, due to the fact that coupes & rag tops are different in that regard. The convert tub is flatter on top while the coupe is not. Keep checking back as I do try my best to update the blog often.

- Fritz

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another soul saved from the crusher!

I picked up a 1950 Merc 2 door sedan! I ponied up for this one, its all there, garnish trim seats etc. just missing the flat head & trans. Usually I'd turn around and sell something like this but I just may keep her! Crazy how stuff is still hiding out there in the tall weeds of forgotten America.

- Fritz