Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Baja Bandeeto VW Engine

OK so while I wait for parts to get UPS' d to me I figured I would rebuild the engine for the "Baja Bandeeto". I didn't want to pull the engine out of the car because I am still doing mock up stuff and need it to work around and fit things. So, I went out to my barn and pulled the 1500 CC engine out of my vintage Ed "Big Daddy" Roth trike! I figure how appropriate, the engine out of a Roth trike going into a Roth inspired bubble car! After I got it out I loaded it into my truck and drove around to the house garage. I bolted it up to my engine stand with a VW engine head my Dad gave to me a while ago. See Kids, when I was growing up in Long Island, NY my Dad was the Volkswagon go to guy! He started out building Dune Buggies in the late 60's as "HoBo Dune Buggies" and then later became "L&F Volkswagon Repair". When I was about 11 or 12, dad would give me $12 bucks to install a muffler, and so much to do brake jobs. Later on, after I got home from high school, I would rebuild engines all day every day. Pull 'em out and put 'em back in. So here I am, almost 30 years later, standing next to a 1968ish 1500CC flat four about to tear it down for a rebuild! I guess things have come full circle, so this is what I am doing in the garage. what are you guys up to? Get out in the garage and build something! FRITZ

Monday, May 28, 2012

Back on the Bandeeto!

It's been too long, almost two years I think. You know how it goes, you have other things to do. I made a How to "Chop a Model A Ford" DVD, almost cut my hand off, stuff like that. But now I have been back to work on the "Baja Bandeeto" for a little while now, about one or two hours after work every day, and I had a good solid weekend to really get some work done. I cut the pedal assembly down quite a bit so it would clear the body and column. Not having much room to work with, I did what I had to do, and worked with what I had. I used 1/8th plate steel to make up the floor pan starting up front in the "foot area". The major floor pan area is also 1/8th plate steel. I dropped it down as far as I thought was good, so my head wouldn't be banging against the bubble. I spent a lot of time climbing in and out of the car, and making cardboard templates to get it all in the right neighborhood. All the steel is tack welded into place and it seems to be placed fine. I set a fiberglass bucket seat in there, and slid the bubble on just to be sure. I bought an 8 foot length of 1 x 1 1/8th inch thick angle iron to make a battery box. It doesn't look like much, and you'd never know I used up most of the 8 feet either, but it does work. I'm thinking the gas tank will go on the drivers side, and an electric screw motor in between, to lift the bubble up and down. I know it must not look like I have a bunch of time in what I did but, add up all the test fitting, cardboard templates and what not, you get the idea. A hand made car is just that "hand made" every piece, wire and bracket. It all takes time, so if you are building stuff at home, just keep at it gang. A little at a time and you will get there. Look at me, after two years, I am back on it, and making it happen, so can you ! Now, get back out in the garage and build something! FRITZ

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dad's Flames Finished

So, I finally got my dad's tin all done. It looks pretty keen, all blue flake with the slime green stripe around the flame job. Been doing lots but just haven't had the time to blog about it. I just finished filming my new DVD "Lace & True Motorcyle Wheels", we still have to edit it and get it ready to be burned, look for it in about 2 months! The "Baja Bandeeto" is back in my garage and as soon as I get home from work on Monday (thats tomorrow gang), I'll be back at work on it and blogging my exploits! Its been tough getting all caught up after cutting my arm to the bone. There was the 6 months or so of being out of work, some therapy, and then trying to catch up on all the back log of things I needed to do, and little jobs to finish. I hope i am back on the rack finally. Thanks for sticking with me! I do appreciate it. I am back out in the garage and I am building something. What's your excuse? Fritz Greaser Mike sitting in the "Baja Bandeeto" when he visited me last week.