Monday, April 6, 2015

Where there's a will there's a way!

Thats something I am sure your parents told you when you were a kid. "Oh, you want a new bicycle?", or "You want that new G.I. Joe jeep with 50 cal. machine gun? Well, save your money. Where there's' a will there's a way." Words that come back to haunt you in a good way as you get older. I always say "Get out in the Garage and build something.", a mantra to get you out and away from the T.V. set, to stop watching those mindless and stupid car shows that teach us and show us nothing, to get you away from video games and mindlessly sitting on Facebook looking at nothing. Gilligan never gets off the island gang, its the same show every week. Well gang, there's a guy Named "Nicky", from my old hometown of Long Island, New York, who bought my DVD "How to Build a Fiberglass Body at Home" and after watching it his "will" became so great that he found a way. He's a car guy with a two car garage attached to his house, only problem is there are already two classic cars in there. What do you do if you are a guy that has a great "will" to build a funky fiberglass bubble car, that is a terrible messy process, with no space to do it in? Well, you "get out to the tent and build something" but, only in the warmer months of the north east 'cause you'll freeze otherwise. Nicky put up one of those temporary tents, hung with a tube frame so he had a spot to build his fiberglass fantasy. The first year He stripped down an old-10, I think it was, and started plopping spit wads of newspaper and plaster on the rolling frame to get the basic shape he wanted, the next summer he did a bit more, and really got a fine tuned shape. Then last summer, he rolled out fiberglass matt etc. I don't have any pics of this summer's work 'cause well, Nicky is still in his tent, cranking away on his bubble top! I am sure he has gotten to the knock the plaster out, and mount the body to the frame stage. Enjoy the Pics of Nicky's project guys, its just goes to show that there is "no excuse" if you really wanna do something you "WILL" figure it out and make it happen, you "WILL" find a way. I wanted to finish the inside of my pole barn and get a new bigger garage set up, but I had no money to do it, so I started selling stuff on Facebook and ebay, everything that just didn't matter to me in life. How many model kits do you really need. Will you build them all? Extra bicycles? How many old gas pumps, die cast cars, bullet holed rusty signs, on hand in the man cave wall, that could be turned into cash? Its what I used to call "everything but the bike syndrome". Guys would own every Harley-Davidson dust collecting piece of "not important" things like toy trucks, snow globes etc., but not the actual motorcycle. I would say if you sold all that stupid stuff you could buy yourself two bikes!!!!! So what's it gonna be guys? Another summer of watching that idiot on "Ass Money Garage" or the "Can't Count"?, or getting yer ass in gear and out to the tent, tool shed, or green house, and building something with yer own two hands. FRITZ