Sunday, July 27, 2014

Winter Projects/Getting Ready

I have had some stuff sit for far too long, things happen, life gets in the way, you know the deal. I have had this twin Carb Knuckle, chromed and polished, sitting in the corner of the garage, for the last 5 years, longer if you count the time it sat when I lived in Long Island New York. It is now covered in body shop dust and paint overspray. I am a very bad person. This never should have happened. it will be a dust collector no more. I pulled it out, and It will be one of my winter projects this coming season. Another project I have been collecting parts for, (and I am gonna spill the beans here gang), is "The "Beatnik Bandit" I bought the 1950 Oldsmobile frame from flat top Bob In Wellington Texas about eight or so years ago. Same thing with the olds V-8 engine. I drug the motor home to long Island from Door Michigan, and the frame from Texas, and then five years ago I moved it all to Kansas City. I never give up "NEVER". So, check back, it will be a slow couple of projects, I wanna enjoy them. I have gotten a few e-mail with pics of the stuff you guys are building. I'll have to do a blog post with them all. Quite a few of you guys have bought my "How to build a fiberglass body at home" DVD and put the info to good use. I think I can Honestly say that I single handily started a new show rod movement! One of you crazy guys is even building a custom one off nose for their Model A, very neat indeed. Get out there guys, turn off the TV it sucks any way and get out in the garage and build something !