Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Syracuse Nationals 2017

Got the call today that My "Bala Bandeeto" is one of Gene Winfields pics (thanks buddy) for the "Select Six" at the Syracuse Nationals in NY July 14-15-16 / 2017 see it indoors with the other contenders for the Winfield award. to be honest Im just Happy I'll get to hang with all my east coast crew! now get out in the garage and build something -FRITZ

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Beatnik Bandit clone project

sometimes I just cant get into it and then again I build up some steam and get going on it, I did a lot of work that just wasn't "Blog" worthy but the headlights are something i have been avoiding doing, its a very intricate area on the Beatnik Bandit, I made a stencil or guide out if some old plywood and traced it out onto the plaster, had to do some shaving and got things in about the right area, then I made guide lines and used a sheet rock saw to cut the headlight holes in the plaster, a set of four old plastic Folgers coffee cans were cut down and stuck in the holes so i would have a circle lip to guide the plaster so i can get the body line just so, it looks kind of like a 1960 buick la saber headlight bezel on the real car. its gonna be a lot of work but thats how it goes when you take on a project like this, Get Out In The Garage And Build Something! -FRITZ-