Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dad's Soft tail update

Some updates on Dad's bike, If anyone remembers a purple soft tail I built in the late 80's that was in Iron Horse Magazine called "skirt Chaser" I am doing the same rear fender treatment on Dad's bike. I drilled the factory frame strut castings open to 1/2 inch and then machined 1/2 inch round stock and threaded it to 5/16X18 I.D. bolted the rear fender struts to the bike and welded the threaded slugs right to the struts, this way you have hidden hardware. I shortened the struts up about 2 inches and did the same trick in the back only using a chunk of 11/16 O.D. round stock I had in the scrap bucket. we are using a FXR rear fender that isn't wide enough for the soft tail struts so I cut it length wise and will widen it with a strip of sheet steel after both sides are sand blasted and bolted up to the rear fender struts. I am undecided on a 1955 - 72 tail light or a later one. -FRITZ- get out in the garage and build something!