Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More on Dad's Softy Chop

So I got both of the rear fender struts shortened to fit with the new Harley FXR rear fender, the hidden hardware trick works great! all I have to do now is fill the about 3/4 inch gap that is there, a simple strip of sheet steel will take car of that. Dad has this need to use all these take off parts and shit he has laying about. I.E. he's determined to use a front fender, directionals and a speedo / Tack combo, on a chopper? this is all the shit we take off and trash!!!!!!! it does make the bike look a bit more, shale we say "stupid" like Harley the factory is trying to sell some old lame guy a can of "cool" with a DOT government certified chopper. I bring this up 'cause he was determined to use this electrical box that goes under the seat of a later soft tail so I had to make a pocket, recess the fender for this pice of plastic junk. So there you have it, I'm not working on this bike all The time so progress will be slow to say the least. Get out in your garage and build something, its getting warmer out so at least start cleaning up and get stuff organized! -FRITZ-