Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kansas City World of Wheels

It's not often I get to do the ISCA world of wheels show in my own back yard, I am usually off at a differant show in another state, but this year The "Roswell Rod" was a feature car at the Kansas City show. My wife Carrol & I set up with the Roswell and my panhead the "Margarita Chiquita" to vend our DVD's and other trinkets. K.C. is a real car town! The midwest has it going on for customs & hot rods, more than SOCAL, one of the big reasons I moved out this way from NYC.
I snapped a few pics of stuff that I liked, and figured I'd post them for you guys to see also.

I have a soft spot for 28-29 Ford pick ups, even though there isn't a bunch of room in them, they just catch my interest.

I always stop off at the bike section, I usually see a bunch of stupid looking Evo's, but a few bikes stood out.
The green swing arm Harley caught my eye cause it sports a vintage "Crazy Frank" rear fender.
The black & white Pan, well, thats something I'd ride to work everyday
The '42 Knuckle is a real deal barn find from the area, I dont know about you, but every time I get to go inside a barn I find bird shit and empty beer cans!