Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back From New Orleans

The New Orleans world of wheels show was a blast. Lots of good people and great cars. One thing I did while I was there is something I usually don't do, go out into the show and stripe cars. I met a couple of great guys that just couldn't get enough of my work, I painted a set of gear shift knobs and sold a monster on a bowling pin to Joe Credibi, and I did a Rat Fink on his buddy's son's Chevy truck. Johnny Sparkle came to Kansas City and picked up his model T sedan that I painted freeing up my garage. I have been cleaning and putting stuff away but need to get a paint job done for my dad's FXLR Harley, then I plan on bringing the Baja Bandeeto back in, and making some headway on the new show rod.