Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Detroit Autorama 60 Years And Counting!

To me Detroit is the show to do, the place to be, the big top! And like a dumb ass I didn't take any pics. I wandered around with my coke and salted pretzel looking at all the great stuff, saying hello to guys and shops i only get to see at shows and just got so caught up in chatting & looking that I plumb forgot to snap off some pics. once the show got going, and it was PACKED folks! I was busy at my booth with the "Roswell Rod" and that was that. I am sure that every car web site has a ton of pics for ya to scroll through anyway. and I promise to be on my toes for the next few shows that the Roswell is a feature at. My Wife Carrol did have it in her mind to be smart enough to get some pics of the art work & stripping i do in the both before people bought it and I never saw it again so at least I can share those pics. a few pieces did get paid for and left before we got pics but we did get some shots of the 5 gallon gas can with "drink refreshing BURP cola" painted on t and a Mountain dew can with a rat fink. I ran out of stuff to paint on so I was digging in the trash cans pulling out empty soda cans and painting little monsters on them for 5 bucks a piece. we sold everyone of 'em!

Get out in the garage and build something.
what have you guys been up to?