Monday, March 21, 2011

63 Chevy Station Wagon

Here is an update on that 63 Chevy station wagon i have been building at the day job. I got the new floor pans all welding and fit nice. Installed a set of lower quarter panel patches and had to hand fab the patches for the spare tire tub area (no re-pops are available) there was some bad rot int the cross support just in front of the tail gate jamb that had to be taken care of so I cut the rear seat pan out to get at it and fabed up some scrap steel to repair it all. as soon as we get the new seat pan patches into the shop I'll finish that all off to. a next side project are those fender skirts for the wagon. I did some reshaping work on the fender then cut & chopped up the skirts to get them to fit onto the car, looks pretty cool! stay tuned for more updates on all the crazy stuff I do.