Wednesday, July 8, 2015

1914 Indian

A while before I moved from Long Island, NY. to Kansas City, MO my friend Bob McQueen gave me a rusted and clapped out 1914 Indian power plus Motorcycle frame, well, what was left of one. It was a fantastic piece of yard art at my new home, then my wife found out she had breast cancer and we all freaked out. I promised Bob I would not sell the old Indian relic, but I knew I would need a lot of money fast to cover all the shit that unfortunately goes along with any cancer. I sold it to a fellow way up in Canada who said he was going to build a complete running bike out of it. I was a bit skeptical, but needed the cash, so I cut the frame where he asked me, boxed it up, and UPS'd it off to the great white north. We e-mailed each other over the net 5 years as he got the bits apart, had some new castings made, and spent a lot of time making a rotted, rusty, bent up old piece of junk, into a beautiful racing motorcycle. I must say that I did not see the potential in the old Indian frame as it was sitting in my yard against the old fence post. I am glad I let it go to Mr. Michelline et Laurent as he did something wonderful with it, he got an old piece of history back on the road! Look at the pics and you can see what he started with and where he ended up. Pure determination and vision, and anyone really can do anything if you just have the drive to do it! Now get out in the garage and build something ---Fritz