Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dad's Soft tail chopper shotgun pipes!

I got stymied on Bill's Pontiac, I had to order a set of rear Body mount bushings so I started making a set of shotGun Pipes for Dads chopped soft tail project. I had a purple softy I built in the early 90's (see iron horse magazine) with a set of pipes like this and Pop & I liked 'em so here I am doing the same thing again. Just like back in the day I got my pipe bends from the stock exhaust systems that guys take off and trash for straight pipes. Those and a 7 foot length of 1 3/4 exhaust tubing from the auto store and I am on my way! I got Bill's Bushings this saturday so I'd like to button up the exhaust system so I can put the bike on the side and get back on the Pontiac, "Get out in the Garage and build something" ---FRITZ-------------------------------