Saturday, November 26, 2016

Beatnik Bandit clone project update, Brining up the rear!

I had the back of the Beatnik Bandit clone project all plastered up and was doing most of my work on other areas of the car but came to a point where I needed to get the tail light area or rear end of the car shaped out. I ended up braking away all the plaster and spit wads I had set up off the body to start over again but with a better idea. Some old archived photos of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth building the real bandit came out of hiding and were posted online, I think it was the Hot Rod magazine website. but anyone thats a RatFink fan was posting them all over the internet and Facebook etc. I pulled them offline and printed them out, there is a wealth of information hidden in old photos like this. I was trying to make a solid wall of plaster & spit wads and after seeing the photos how Ed did it I changed my plan of attack!!! ED just had the rear tail light area kind of "framed out" so to do this in our day and age after the real car being built i went to the Revell model kit and took the tail light panel off the parts spar, put it on the old overhead projector and adjusted the image into the known perimeters and just traced it out onto a piece of 3/4 inch ply wood to make a frame, I'll figure out how to get it "hanging" on the car so i can build the plaster up around it later in life. but right now we are on track and moving in a positive direction! Get out in the garage and build something!!!!!!! --FRITZ