Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little off the top!

Since English Don's "Babylon Taxi" is all done and he's having fun at Laconia NH. I am back to work on the 1930 Model A Ford top chop. I got all the welding done on the top, the door tops are back in place with new door hinge pins etc. I am in the process of cutting the interior garnish moldings and will move onto the windshield frame after that. I'll have to remember to take my camera to the day job and snap pics of the progress of the '63 Chevy station wagon for you guys also. I am dying to get back to work on the "Baja Bandeeto" but i will have to finish up a few paying gigs in my home garage first. I have been filming this top chop from the start and will make a DVD set on how it is all done and every thing I did so you guys at home can see it all from start to finish! Keep an eye out for that new DVD trailer here on my blog. Thanks for stopping by, now get back out in the garage and build something!