Sunday, November 27, 2011

As promised, more on "Alex in wonderland"!

Now every crack and crevice has something cool in it, but the big spaces have "AWESOME" in them! The radical Panhead chopper along the wall Alex built back in the late 60's for himself still sports the very same handmade parts and metal flake paint it did the day he finished it. It's a time capsule, It is so cool it's frozen! The other bike is a bone stock 1952 Panhead, Alex did nothing to it, it's all factory stock except the red paint job. The American Picker guys would bust a mental nut in the "Wonderland". My personal fav. is the 1957 Chevy convertible, 283 4 barrel V-8, automatic trans, and factory continental kit. Now sit down so you don't fall over, true story here gang, Alex bought this out of the local swap & trade paper back in 1969 from a guy that collected Edsels for $250.00 bucks and drove it home! It is stone factory stock & unrestored. The only non factory thing on this car is the Earl Schielb paint job! Alex has a plank of plywood across the trunk and uses it as a work bench to build model airplanes!!!! I know it kills me also, LOL. Sitting inside the Chevy is a mannequin with a full flight suite too, its just so crazy it all seems normal.
"Get out in the garage and build something"
(just not on the trunk of a vintage American car)