Friday, November 4, 2011

Viewer Mail

Does this stuff really come from outer space? Nah it comes from small garages across America and garages in other countries also. Its great when I get an e-mail from you guys and I love that I can share it on this blog. I really dig your ideas, suggestions, and seeing the crazy stuff you have going on. Mark here has Taken a VW Karmann Ghia and trans formed it into whats going to be a hip little space aged show car!

"Hey Fritz, I got your DVD (Build a Fiberglass body at home) while I was gone and watched it today on my day off! I just wanted to let you know that you solved so many problems for me with your help! THANK YOU! You also gave me the confidence to continue with my own project. Unfortunately I have already started my Dub-N-Aire in metal, but have ideas for the next couple projects! The only thing I am curious about is when lifting the ring, how did you figure out the geometry? Also, how much of a “throw” did the screw jack have on the "Rosewell Rod"? Did you do the same with the "Baja Bandeeto"?
Anyway – hope your hand/arm gets better soon!
If I was closer, I’d be over to help ya!"
Mark Gosson
Medford, OR

To Answer Mark's question. I bought an electric screw motor from "Autoloc" they list the length that the screw shaft travels. I first made carboard templets from old beer & pizza boxes to figure the shape of the hinge & area I wanted to be in. then moved on to a 1/4 inch plywood template that I bolted up to a makeshift hinge & screw shaft assembly on the car and touched the wires from the screw motor to a car battery to see how everything would travel. a hit or miss operation but it works. the further away from the pivot point you mount the screw motor shaft on the hinge the less travel you will get. Geezz I hope that all sounds right and makes sense to you guys!?!?!?!
Thanks for asking Mark, My arm is healing up but i'll have a wicked nasty looking scar.
but just ask Capt. Kirk, hot green alien chicks dig scars!