Friday, October 28, 2011

Bee's gotta buzz, birds gotta fly, I gotta sand!

I can't take it anymore! Life with my forearm in a splint just don't get it. After 6 weeks I have been sneaking out to the garage to work on whatever i can get the few moving fingers I have on! The big project on the table is the infamous "Johnny Sparkle" Model T - Ford sedan. I popped my splint off and started doing the body work on his home made dash. Its a lucky thing I am right handed or this really would be a tough job to accomplish. Most of the work is done on the sedan except the finish work on the 2 doors, and the rough in work on the dash, then it should be just a sand and paint deal!

Other little projects I have been plugging away on were a bunch of bowling pins I painted 3 weeks into my life in a splint.
The "Wingteam" pin is for a fellow high school mate Adam.

Carrol & I have finished the editing on the "How to Chop a Model A at home" DVD so it should not be too long before we can offer it up on my web site store! Sorry that the blog posts have been in low gear gang. I'm doing my best and hope to at least kick it up into second as soon as I build up the RPM'S
Keep them wrenches clanking guys!