Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Exhausting

Since all the stuff I need hasn't come yet to rebuild the VW engine, I started working on the exhaust pipes. I had a box of old bends and some stock Harley exhaust pipes that I dug out of an H-D dealers dumpster. That's all I really needed to get going, and more then likely finish the Bandeeto's exhaust up! I used the head flanges from the dune buggy pipes I robbed from the ED Roth trike, and grafted them to the Harley 1 3/4 pipe. I plan on welding 4 chopper style baffles into each individual pipe, to give it a little back pressure, so its not to loud and annoying. Somewhere along my path in life I acquired these carb stack tops. I'm thinking they are from Webber's or something of the sort. Either way, they will make a nice bell trumpet tip for all 4 header pipes when I am done. I pretty much spent a good part of my weekend sitting in that little 5 by 5 foot space on the floor behind the engine. What did you guys get done? Get out in the garage and build something! FRITZ