Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Bandeeto & Bikes.

While I was on the east side of the USA at the Carlisle, PA swap meet I figured I was only 4 hours from Long Island so I went to visit with my folks and friends. I picked up yet another project. I don't know why I just can't help myself when I find a cool motorcycle basket case project. The crappy economy has been making Harleys a much more affordable thing to obtain. I got this 1969 XLH 900cc roller, for a few hundred bucks. There is enough there to make it run and ride but I would just love it if I could restore it back to factory, sitting on the show room floor stock. I know, I know, Sportsters don't bring big bucks you say, its a bad investment you say, it aint about that for me. I work on most of the junk I buy and build out of the love of the project mostly, or I just resell them to fund other projects. Its a disease they tell me. I am still plugging away on the "Baja Bandeeto". Been doing a bit of fiberglass touch up work on the underside where I had made cuts and adjustments in the body lines. The gray tubes you see that I glassed in is pvc electrical conduit that I will be running the wires and stuff through. I got the licence plate bracket glassed in, and that area cut to shape. I know its hard to see with the body upside down but I cut the dash board out to trim and shape it out, cleaned out the plaster and newspaper I couldn't get at with it in place, and then glassed it back where it belongs. After some body work and paint it'll look like it was all meant to be! The weather is getting colder and I am sure you guys are getting your garages ready for those winter projects. I'd love to hear about them and see some pics, e-mail 'em and share them with the rest of us wont ya? Get out in the garage and build something! Fritz