Monday, February 4, 2013

1945 Indian Project . . . sort of

So I bought this box of beat to crap Indian stuff, the vin starts with CDE on the left case, and I have found that to make it a 1945. I am, by no means, an Indian guy. I know nothing about 'em, so, if you have a clue, or could help me, I sure would like to hear from ya! I know its gonna be a big money project, but I do love a challenge, and to learn about something new so I can go forward with it no matter what. I have an Indian frame with the rear hacked off, and a Harley hard tail rear section. So, I figure I'll graft them together, kinda like the Indian that gave "Indian Larry " his name sake. (see Iron Horse magazine issue #70 circa 1988) So, any Indian guys reading my blog give me a shout, a big loud one. Get out in the shop and build something!!!!!! Fritz