Monday, February 4, 2013

British Motorcycle Day

The team at the antique motorcycle show in Lawrence, KS was British Motorcycles. It was a show and swap meet, but I gotta say there really wasn't much of a swap meet. There were maybe five guys with stuff they really didn't want to sell, you know the type. The show bikes were killer! I'll give 'em that. I was hoping to find parts and stuff for a 1945 Indian project (if you can call it that more like a set of cases etc) I bought but was not disappointed spending an hour looking at some fantastic English motor bikes! Plus there were Harleys, Jap bikes, even a super X racer. It was a nice show all in all. Check out the pics and see for yourself. I'll be in Omaha at that antique meet, so if your going let me know so we can say "HI" Are you in the garage building something? Get out there! Fritz