Monday, October 21, 2013

Junkyard Gigolo - Inner Primary Issues

I wanted to bolt up the inner primary on the Junkyard Gigolo but ran into a few snags. Its a nice factory piece, but it had the abuse of an owner that did not maintain their ride. The drive chain must have gotten wore out and sloppy, and was slapping the primary under the starter housing boss. It was welded once before, not a great job but you'd figure the idiot would have stayed on top of a problem . . . not a chance. I had to have the same spot built up with weld again, and the drain plug was a bit of a brain teaser also. What do you do when you strip the threads of the drain plug? Well, ya just stick it back in there, and pile up silicone around it, and hope you never have to take it out again! Well gang, what I did was just drill it out to 1/2 inch, and machine up a little piece of aluminum stock to fit with a shouldered flange. Then I drilled the I.D. and made new threads for the drain plug. Jason at work was kind enough to do all the fantastic aluminum welding for me. Old skool Harley guys we don't throw nothin' out! Get out in the garage and build something. Fritz