Sunday, November 10, 2013

Clear for the "Bandeeto"

Been a while, a hard while for me. I took time off from work here and there. I was burning the midnight oil while emptying beer cans after the day job, and every weekend, to get this thing to where it is now. My air compressor took a shit, had to replace two start up capacitors (thanks Bryan), but here we are! The last coats of clear. After it sets up and cures I'll be wet sanding and polishing the body, and then plopping it onto the rolling chassis. I have a bunch of crazy stripe work to do, but that'll come later on. I did get a "Bandeeto" slobbering monster on the nose, and "Our flying eyeball of Guadalupe" (Named Courtesy of Jimmy Smith) out back on the engine cover. All in all, I am real happy with the way the "Baja Bandeeto" turned out. Mucho Thanks to my Homies at "House of Kolor" for being a part of this project and Artist "Jimmy Smith" for letting me build off his rad art work! I included a pic from the outside looking in, for all you guys that are like me and work in a small two car or smaller garage. You can do it guys! It doesn't take much space to make it happen. I push my bike outside, and some other stuff, to make room, and roll it all back in when I lock up for the night, but I make it work with what I have, and you can too. Just get out in the garage and build something!