Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dad's Softail frame & My knuckle head frame

I got Dad's frame TIG welded and done, I'm only a few bucks short on getting myself a new Miller TIG machine but in the mean time I had Dad's frame welded by a drag car chassis builder here in Kansas City. Pop wants to get cracking on a rolling moch up A.S.A.P. I'll wait till i get my new welder for my stuff. I had started working on this Knuckle frame a lot of years ago and haven't done anything with it since I moved from NY to KC. Since I had to do Dad's frame for him I figured I would make a new "DVD" on "how to fix motorcycle frame at home" and do my knuckle frame as well (I have some other frames in line also, might as well do them all and get it over with) The Knuckle frame was raked sometime in the early 70's. it was a solid job but I'd like to de-rake it back to the factory 30 degrees. I was hoping I could just cut the boxing plates out and save the factory casting but after finding out the boxing plates were 1/2 inch thick and were just not coming out no matter how hard i tried to convince them with a hammer & pry bar I just opted to fire up the blow torch and turn it all into liquid metal. I'll save as much of the original casting as I can and just make a new triangle filler plate and lower plate. keep checking back to see the progress! "Get out in the garage and build something" FRITZ