Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Dad's Softail chopper project

My Dad was board after he moved next door to me here in Missouri so I gave him what was a distraction to me but a good project for him, a pile of Harley soft ail stuff that accumulated. Actually he drug home this frame from the bike shop he worked at in NY when we lived there, can you believe someone would scrap a Harley frame? no self respecting nike guy ever shit cans Harley stuff. Well long story short Dads been working on the engine which is a cone bottom with a Pan toped and Now I have to get my assign gear and glue this frame back together so he can mock it all up. I have been filming this as I have been working on it so look for a new DVD to be coming from me around Spring on this subject, I have a few frames I am just going to do all at once so they are done and I can put my welding / frame table back in the "FAB" room. in the DVD we'll build a new neck for this soft ail frame , I have a Knuckle frame that I need to "de-rake" and an Indian frame that will get a Harley hard tail rear section and a new neck as well, and if there is enough room on the disc's Ill build a frame from scratch for a triumph engine i have. and all in the old school way, no fancy room with 60K of tools in it, you guys that have bought my DVD's know I'm a real grass roots garage guy, so keep a weathered eye on the horizon for this new DVD. I machined the neck for this frame to tack the bearing races right into the neck with out the use of neck cups like the older bikes, Dad has an FXR fork he wants to use, the back bone & down tubes are DOM tube with a .125 wall, the tubes were all slugged and will be rosette welded also. I did some neat DIY tricks that anyone can do at home but you'll have to watch the dvd to find out, "Get out in the garage and build something" FRITZ