Saturday, December 31, 2016

Beatnik Bandit Update!!!

So as many of you know my friend "Zim" and I have what we call "Fun with Fritz Fridays" where we work on the bandit and get BBQ for lunch! this past Friday was no different, after looking over photos I took of the real car and measurements I took off the real car and comparing them to my clone we decided that some plaster needed to come off the top of the rear body. I actually used an old axe to shave off the still damp plaster that had been on there for months! I also put some sheet rock screws along the wood ring i made for the tail light panel to help hold the plaster in place as last time I put plaster on the plywood ring it didn't hold so good and was on the garage floor the next morning. all in all on this last day of the year I think the ass end is shaping up quite nicely. it pays to do squares i guess ;) make the new years resolution to spent more time in the garage being creative and less time on face book, your phone and in front of the TV, brig the kids in the garage and build a go-kart or a hoped up valve cover for the car show valve cover races, just "Get out in the garage and build something" _FRITZ