Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going to the Church of Rusted Souls

Up at 4:00 am and on the road by 5:00 am to go 4 1/2 hours (each way) to the Missouri / Arkansas border. Jack Walker, Jason Rock and myself hit a nice little junk yard, with 10,000 cars! Mostly late 60's & 70's stuff but a few cool 50's cars that we all like. I thought I'd post a few pics, as we all love a good rusting hulk with a tree growing out of the engine bay photo. Being July, the tics were out and the weeds and trees made it hard to get a good photo of the over all landscape but I snapped a few for your viewing pleasure. Most of the stuff is kinda picked over, but we all did manage to get a few things to make it a fun trip. Jack and I always say "Going to a junkyard is like going to church for a car guy". I am sure we'll make it back in the winter when it's not 106 degrees and you can see the junk past the trees. What did we get? Jack got what was left of a 59' Impala roof trim, I got an oil can for a 51 chevy 6 cyl for my friend Greaser Mike, and a 56' Olds dash with A/C vents for me, Jason got some back window trim for a customers car.
Enjoy the pics.