Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bubble Dome Madness - Cosmotron

I get up this morning , make a pot of coffee, and sit down at the computer to read my mail and check up on the world news. Well gang, the best news I got was in an e-mail from England! Seems that about a year ago, Paul Bacon bought my "Build a fiberglass Body at Home" DVD and did just that! He built one bad ass awesome little bubble cruiser. This is the stuff I love, e-mails from fellow garage rats showing what they have going on in their own shops. The crazy projects they do for fun! I'm gonna post his letter also for you guys to read. Like I always say "I think anyone can do this stuff, you just have to try"
Now get out in that Garage and build something!

"Hey Fritz,
Thought I'd send you some pics of my project. I started it about a year ago, I bought your DVD and it gave me great inspiration although I used polystyrene to build up the bulk of the body then good old plaster to form the details. The whole thing is based on a BMW Z3 so it should be pretty fast when its finished and I'll stay cool under the dome with the factory air con, mind you over here it rains a lot so I don't know how much I'll need it or how much traction I will get from the cross plys, but hey they look cool so who cares!. I'll send you some more pics when its finished, I got your paint DVD too so you just know the paint is gonna be wild!"
Lovin the blog and all your work,
Paul Bacon England