Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flames for Dad

I have been playing catch up in my garage trying to get a bunch of little jobs and favors done so I can get my new show car project The "Baja Bandeeto" back in and work on it. One of the jobs is painting a set of Harley FXLR tin for my Dad, Yeah He's 73 and still rides, so now you know where I get it from! I painted a blue base with left over paint and shot the marina blue metal flake. Then I gave it a wet sand and cleared it again, but with a dab of Sherwin-Williams blue pearl in the clear. The pics don't do the work justice but it really "glows". The flames are pretty traditional. Shot a white base with House of Kolor Sunshine Yellow and Tangelo Orange over it. I'm thinking a slime green pinstripe will really be killer on it. One neat thing I like to do is, I took the front fender rivets out and welded the fender right to its mounting bracket, it gives it a clean smooth look!

I have been picking away at the junkyard gigolo a little at a time also. I polished up the lower legs on a baldor buffer I bought a while back. They came out really nice. There are some gouges here and there, but this isn't a show bike, I want a street beater. Got the frame sitting on a milk crate as I dig through the small boxes of parts I got with it, and blast and paint the stuff to bolt it all together. This superglide project is kinda like my therapy. I don't have to do it, I like to do it!

Get out in the garage and build something! Fritz