Sunday, July 14, 2013

Roadside America's Yard Art

I had to run to south Missouri for work and do a bit of junk yarding. The shop was looking for a 1979 Buick Regal rear bumper, or anything that looked close so we could fix the bad rot on the one we had off the customers car. I knew Henderson's had a bunch of mid to late 70's stuff, so that's the first place we hit, but sad to say (and see) they crushed out (insert sad face here). Ben has shingles and just couldn't work the yard anymore. I guess I'd do the same thing. Ya gotta get this stuff while you can guys! Ben was kind enough to direct us to another yard, but we were tits up for that regal bumper. But Uncle Jack Walker scored a nice 50 Chevy coupe trunk lid for our neighbor Mike Johnson. So, on the way home I stopped at the same yard I scored that 1933 Ford stock car body at, and did get a clean 1984 Olds rear bumper. We can cut a section out of that to fix up the regal bumper nice. What's this have to do with roadside yard art? Well I'll tell ya! While rolling south on route 71 (soon to be I-49) around Carthage, MO, I spotted this neat tow truck "ART" on the south bound side. When I went to check it out I spied this cool "wheel rim man" standing guard at the gate. I have some pics from other spots that I will try to post up during the week. If you guys have anything cool to share, please e-mail it in with a quick story and its location. Now get out in the garage and build something!