Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sail away to Aluminum Cove!

Finally got something done on the "Baja Bandeeto". As per Jimmy Smith's art, I made up these aluminum strips in the coves on both sides on the body. Doesn't seem like much 'till I tell you I had to rip open the body work on the flat surface, and re do it a little to get a real good flat surface to mount these to. The wood may have shifted a bit, and I am sure I was in "lets just get this done" mode while I was pushing that sanding block back and forth in the cove. But, looking at the pics you can see as I do, its "the right thing". Monday after work I am gonna have to cut the grass. So, for a day or two I won't be able to do any sanding on the body, but after a good sanding its Color Time! So, keep checking back, 'cause this is the candy coating on a sweet trick deal! Stop watching TV, it rots yer brain kid. Get out in the garage and build something!