Friday, July 19, 2013

Yard Art Belton, Missouri

My neighbor Mike Johnson, besides being a great all around guy, has the best yard I have seen in all of Missouri. "Alex in Wonderland" had the best on Long Island, and my friend Aaron Grote has the best in Illinois. Mike's yard has a very "road side America meets Disney" feel to it. Cool old junk in a manicured garden atmosphere. I have wanted to snap some pics of his stuff since I moved Kansas City, and now was the perfect time! The shed he keeps his rider lawn mower in has been transformed into a neat old timey looking gas station, with old parts and signage all around. My favorite piece in the yard, is this Model T coupe that I was told he bought at a farm auction for $400.00 bucks! There is nothing inside, and it does have a bunch of rot. But, you know you wanna build a rod out of it don't cha? Mike picked up a couple of solar powered pathway lamps from the local home supply, took them apart, and made them so they work in the car. At night the headlamps come on. Its the coolest thing, ya just gotta see it! A propane gas tank for the house was turned into a derelict Chevy gas tanker truck, delivering the best "Sinclair" fuel money can buy! The end of our virtual tour brings us to the cactus garden in front of the work shop, chocked full of rusty treasure, a model a ford sedan body, service station oil dispensers, a tricycle, gas pump. All in a dreamy setting that you would think you'd see along route 66 someplace west of Tucumcari, New Mexico Got some cool rusted garden pics you'd like to share, If I use 'em on the blog you get a "Spritz By Fritz" T- shirt! If you don't send pics ya better get out in the garage and build something!