Sunday, November 1, 2015

Poncho Bill's 1957 Pontiac Star Chief

I've know "Poncho Bill" for a long time now, we worked together in my shop when I lived in Long Island NY. like my old Pan head chopper that I have had forever Bill has had this 1957 Pontiac Starchief. its his baby, like my chopped Pan head he'll probably never get rid of it, it would hurt to much like cutting a limb off your body. thats how it is with mechanical misfit guys that are true gear heads. I promised Bill a long while ago that I would go through his Pontiac if he would take it off the road long enough, (see this car has been cross country 6 times, California, Washington state etc and Bill has the truck stop refrigerator magnets of each state Him and his trusty Starchief have been in to prove it.) the one condition i had was I wouldn't spend y time fixing the rust & rot and then spritz out a nice paint job if he was gonna put the old dingy chrome bumpers and trim back on over it. "ICK" thats cool sometimes but not on a dream boat like this! well last year as I was refurbishing my Pole Barn (see my older blog posts) I get that call from Bill, "Hey I'm ready! have all new chromed core bumpers and trim ready to go," he even got all new trim and chrome for his schwinn stingray "cotton picker" bicycle that was his when he was a kid, and its gonna match the 57 Pontiac. lot of work here gang, and thats why I missed last months blog post. here are a bunch of pics of where I started and where I am at now. keep following 'cause when its all said and done this is gonna be one mean green interstate traveling machine once again! what are you guys building this winter, lets see what cha got get out in the garage and build something! Fritz