Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bandeeto Stuff

Been doing all sorts of odd ball stuff. Posting parts on ebay to sell to get a few extra bucks to buy things for the "Baja Bandeeto". Cleaning up old junk in the yard, and making a scrap metal pile so I can cash it in for some extra money. It aint cheap to build these fantasy bubble top cars ya know! I have gotten some work done though. I got a little gas tank made and bolted it into place. It should hold about two gallons of gas give or take a coffee cup or two. Really, all I need is enough to drive it in and out of my car trailer and maybe toll around the fair grounds at a show. The one thing that did take some time, was getting the bubble top inner ring set up, cut to size, make a hinge, machine up spacers, and all that jazz. It took some time, but it all works fine. I got it all in place, and used a small set of jumper wires to test it all out. Next thing I should probably do is drill the inner ring out so I can bolt the bubble and outer ring to it for fitment. A good view of all the workings that will be hidden behind a removable panel. Here's a close up of the gas tank and the screw motor in it, tower all mounted to the inner bubble ring. I have made some nice progress on the Volkswagen engine also. Got the long block built and painted black, then a little at a time, I have been bolting on all the "CHROME!" You gotta love this stuff. I do have to say That I got all the parts from "Mid America Motorworks", when I ordered everything I was told only the main bearings were on back order. Funny thing is they were the first thing I got in the mail, and I am still waiting for two months now for the last of my order to be shipped! Two months WTF? I don't know how they have been to any of you other VW fans out there, but I probably will never order from them again. I feel screwed. One thing that does baffle me, if the chrome on the fan shroud is really nice for a made in Taiwan piece, but a baffle on the inside is in the wrong place, and hits the oil cooler when you try to install it. So, you'll have to whack it with a hammer or what ever to move it over. You get what you pay for I guess. Usually I like to pay the freight and have factory parts chromed, but I had to work with what I had, and didn't have it in my hands. The parts were OK, and I got what I expected, but their customer service sucks! What do you guys think? I'd love to hear from ya. Now get out in the garage and build something FRITZ