Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun with Play Doh!

I made a ply wood panel,(out of the old shipping crate my "Outlaw" body came in), to cover the battery, screw motor and gas tank. I want it to be easy to get at them, and not have to lay on my back to swap stuff out or do a repair. I welded 4 small tabs and threaded them so 1/4 X 20 bolts would hold the panel in place. To make up the difference around the removable wood panel, I mixed up some of that gooey plaster and vermiculite concoction and dipped my wads of newspaper into it, and started to build up a shape that would not interfere with the goings on in the engine compartment area and the cockpit area. I have it all shaped out and painted with old house paint. So, all I have to do now is wax it up a few times, and then start laying up fiberglass matt over it. I'll grind up the sides of the inner body, so when I put the fiberglass out I will glue it right to the sides of the car body and that will be that! After it all cures, I'll pull the body off and do some fiberglass touch up work and scrape the plaster off the back side. I think I will make up a dashboard before the body comes off cause I have all the stuff out to do it, and it will get me that much closer to being done quicker. What have you guys been building? Let"s see those projects! Get out in the garage and build something! Fritz