Monday, August 20, 2012

More fun then a barrel of wet newspaper and plaster!

We got a bunch done over the weekend gang! After I fiberglassed the panel behind the seats, I turned around and went after the dashboard. It's not much, just a little something to hide the bracing that holds the steering shaft, and an area off to the passenger side for buttons and such. The first pass with plaster and newspaper spit wads. Plaster and vermiculite mix, plastered over the spit wads and gooping it into shape The dash after it was fiberglassed and some of the plaster knocked out of the back. Jason rock of came by and gave me a much needed hand lifting the body off the frame. You can see I have a bit of clean up and scraping to do to get all the plaster and newspaper mix cleaned out and tossed in the trash can. All the goop was still clinging to the fiberglass, but it does peel off easy. If you bought my dvd you know how easy it is to do. More plaster mess to get cleaned up and trashed. A view of the body off and on its side. Jason and I got it up and onto a dolly I made from old shopping cart wheels and square metal tubing I got from old weight benches people tossed out for trash. Well, thats where I am as of this weekend gang. I'll be plugging away every night after work and I'll keep ya posted as I "get 'er done" I took this pic for you guys that think yer garage might be to small, or you don't have enough room to do a project as crazy as this. I'm working in a two car garage that is attached to my house, and I'm making it happen a little bit at a time. Don't make excuses guys, just decide that its gonna happen and get out there in the garage and build something. Fritz